Business Support Services

Business Support Services
1-Issue of the certificate of origin and all types of export certificates
2-The sale of foreign trade documents
3-National exclusivity of the Carnets TIR and ATA
4- Relaunch the activity of export points in the regions through:
* Identification of regional export
* Identification of business needs in each region (Greater Tunis)
* Dissemination of information, training and assistance to enterprises in each region
* The creation of accurate and up-to-date regional databases to develop regional exports
* Promote access to new markets
5- Facilitate the registration of enterprises in the trade register

The creation of a department in charge of the Trade Register within the chamber during 2015 (see text of the law 15- 2010 of 14 April 2010 )
In this context, all the Chambers under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce and in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice will work to set up this new service for businesses within the Chambers .